Telephony Services

Communication Technology

We work with the top providers in the communications industry to provide exceptional service that is reliable and can increase the productivity of any business.



We work with the top providers in the communications industry to provide exceptions telephony systems to increase productivity.

Telephone Systems

Increase the productivity of your staff and reduce your monthly phone expenses. Lead Generation Station can set your office up for success with the most reliable telephony systems available.

  • Power Dialers, Soft Phones and Desktop Phones
  • Integrate Your Phone Systems With Your CRM
  • Increase Outbound Productivity
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Sounboard Telephony

SoundBoard Technology

SoundBoard technology allows your staff to conduct a pre-recorded conversation with potential clients without sounding unnatural. Trigger canned responses using hotkeys so that you know your staff is providing the right information to customers every time.

  • Overcome Thick Accents With Offshore Staff
  • One Rep Can Now Handle Up To 3 Calls Simultaneously
  • Ensure The Quality Of Your Calls With Pre Determined Responses

Video Conferencing

We offer video conferencing systems that can be integrated with your customized CRM or act as standalone software. Communicate with your staff, potential customers and clients face to face from anywhere you can connect to the internet.

  • Video Conference with one or one hundred people simultaneously.
  • Close more deals by making your presentations a little more personal.
  • Collaborate with or Monitor Your Staff Remotely
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Telephony Consultation

Telephony Software
Call or complete the form to request a telephony and communications consultation .

We’ll review your current software features, pricing and functionality and propose any changes we think will benefit your productivity and lower your monthly expenses.